UAE Online Job Opportunities Rises in Year to January 2016

Abdulrahman Al Ansari

Abdulrahman Al Ansari examines statistics which indicate that the number of job opportunities posted online in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) rose significantly in the year to January 2016. 

Employment Index 

Online employment website Monster has released its most recent Employment Index (MEI). This showed that the number of jobs opportunities placed online in the Emirates increased by 45% in the 12 months to January of this year.

In contrast, job opportunities posted online for the entire Gulf Co-Operation Council (of which the UAE is a member) increased by 20% in the same period. Commenting on these figures Sanjay Modi, managing director, was quoted by the Gulf Digital News agency saying: “The remarkable rise in job opportunities across a variety of non-oil sectors in the UAE shows that despite the falling oil prices there is an underlying trend of optimism in the market, driving expectations for growth in 2016.”

Sector performance 

Monster’s Employment Index also looked at Emirati job opportunity figures per sector. The firm found that with a 54% increase in jobs posted online year-on-year, the consumer goods/fast moving consumer goods topped the rankings in the year to January 2016.

Healthcare was the second best performing Emirati industry on the MEI; the sector saw a 53% rise in job opportunities posted online in the same period and the retail/trade and logistics sectors followed, both registering a 40% increase in job opportunities posted online year-on-year to January 2016.  Other industries failed to match; for example the UAE’s oil and gas sector saw a negative drop of 13% in the number of job opportunities posted online annually.

Non-oil growth 

The UAE is re-orientating itself towards a non-oil based economy. The Emirates is traditionally an oil-based economy but global oil prices have been falling for over a year, recently hitting a 13-year low. This is clearly having an effect on the UAE’s oil industry; the MEI proves that increasingly, oil and gas is providing less job opportunities for professionals working in the Emirates.

Recently, it was reported that Emirates wants to shift its economy from reliance on natural resources to human capital and non-oil industries. The MEI’s suggestion that sectors such as healthcare, drove UAE job creation in the year to January 2016, indicates that as the country develops its non-oil sector, it’ll keep cultivating the robust jobs market needed to support national economic expansion.

About Abdulrahman Al Ansari 

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