Dubai Construction to Embrace 3D Printing

abdulrahman al ansari

Dr Abdulrahman Al Ansari discusses new reports, which suggest that Dubai’s construction sector will increasingly utilise 3D printing throughout the next decade and beyond.

Embracing 3D printing

3D printing is the process of ‘printing’ a three dimensional object. Specifically, a digital model serves as a blueprint, which thin layers of material are laid around to create a final product. Increasingly, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is utilising 3D printing for innovative purposes across a range of sectors For instance, at the recent Arab Health 2016 Exhibition, held in Dubai, there was a 3D printing zone.

Within this space, firms such as 3D printing solutions provider Maptec demonstrated how it can be used for medical purposes. Explaining further, Maptec Sales Manager Mohammed Taisser said: “We create models of faces from plastic for cosmetic surgery so people who opt for surgery can know what they will look like after the surgery. We are trying to show people how we can employ the 3-D printer in the field of health care and medicine… it is used worldwide. I think there is potential for this.”

Coming to Dubai construction

Meanwhile, news portal The National reports that increasingly, 3D printing is being utilised within Dubai’s construction sector. UAE Vice President and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid recently announced on Twitter that the Emirate will implement a new 3D printing strategy, revealing that 25% of Dubai’s construction will be 3D printed by 2030.

At present, the use of 3D printing in Dubai’s construction sector is minimal. But according to the Dubai Media office it will rise to 2% by 2019, before vaulting to a massive 25% by 2030. While announcing this news, Rashid suggested that this falls in line with the recently announced Dubai Future Agenda initiative. Gulf News writes that this DH1 billion (bn) fund is designed to strategically shape key sectors in the Emirate in cooperation with government and private entities, to promote economic growth.

Explaining further, Rashid said: “We begin to implement [the Dubai Future Agenda] through initiatives and strategies that add value to human life and to our national economy.” He went on to suggest that several prominent government agencies will supervise the implementation of this strategy. This includes the Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Holding throughout its construction, medicine and consumer goods industries.

Bolstering Dubai construction

Rashid estimated that this 3D printing strategy will reduce construction costs and employment, adding US$3bn to the global economy by 2025. Sector expert 3D Printing Industry writes that this production method has a number of potential economic benefits. For instance, it could create new industries, lower production costs through various sectors and initiate entirely new professions.

It is not surprising that Dubai’s construction sector will embrace 3D printing. Financial market analysis company BMI research estimates that Dubai’s construction sector will expand by 6.6% this year. In contrast, the International Monetary Fund predicts that the wider economy will grow by just 2.6% in 2016. With Dubai’s construction industry set to record rapid expansion, adopting 3D printing could provide it with the support required to keep costs low and ensure Dubai’s wider economy thrives.

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