abdulrahman al ansari

Abdulrahman AL Ansari is  multi-faceted background in business development, sales, client-networking, start up and multinationals clearly illustrate the proven ability to deepen and extend his reach and sales capacity; through cultivating trust, rapport and credibility with international industries through a solid reputation upon global experience to create new markets.

A distinguished banking executive, Dr. Abdulrahman has more than 19 years of experience with a professional portfolio in many diverse sectors including-  Investment Banking, O &G, Healthcare, Education, Commodities and Natural Resources, while largely focused on the continued economic  and community development of the U.A.E. He is currently the Chairman of Bid Capital and Group CEO of Al Thani Global Investment Holding.

Prior to Bid Capital, Abdulrahman was with MBM Group, the private office of one of the Royal Family members of Dubai.

In addition to his wealth of banking experiences, Abdulrahman has established and developed robust business relationships with leading business executives and decision makers in most of the emerging market countries and the GCC in particular. Abdulrahman also holds the prestige position of current Financial Advisor to distinguished members of the UAE and Qatari Royal Family.