Abdulrahman Al Ansari has featured in the following press:

World Finance interviews Abdulrahman Al Ansari, Group CEO of First Capital of Switzerland on targetting the Sharia sector

“According to the IMF, emerging economies will grow at an annual average rate of six percent in the coming years, making the GCC of particular interest to international investors. Abdulrahman Al Ansari outlines the UAE’s incentives for new businesses, First Capital of Switzerland’s role in supporting the local economy, and its Sharia-compliant window, FCS Al Islami.”

Fairfax expands operations in Middle East

“The group has hired a senior investment banking team, formerly with Dubai-based Millennium Finance Corporation (MFC), to lead the expansion which will focus on the Middle East and North Africa region.

Abdulrahman Al Ansari, the former head of distribution at MFC, has been named as the chief executive of Fairfax Middle East, with Ali Nadir Syed, also previously at MFC, taking up the role of head of investment banking.

Abraham Zaarour joins the division as a director, with Kamal Daswani named as a vice–president.

Stefan Allesch-Taylor, founder and chairman of the group, said the fact that the new team was well established in the region would play a crucial role in the expansion. He said: “Throughout the disruption in the global capital markets over recent times, the Middle East has continued to prove its growing importance as both a source of capital and opportunities. This new team will greatly increase our ability to service the increasingly sophisticated demands of that market.”

The announcement comes one week after Fairfax opened a private wealth management arm and a contracts for difference trading and advisory business.”


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